Birthdays and Farewells

A few birthday celebrations and a happy farewell acted as a respite from the daily office grind. It gave us an opportunity to pig out on chocolate cake, soda and some hard-to-pronounce-but-delicious-to-eat Gujarati snacks. Amber, our Investment Manager for the Cleantech division in CIIE and Prof Basant, our chairperson celebrated their birthdays with us, while we … Continue reading Birthdays and Farewells

Uttarayan at CIIE

In CIIE’s latest endeavour to create a fun work environment, we celebrated the first of many festivals of 2014 together as a team. Uttarayan, Gujarat’s annual kite flying festival is celebrated every year on January 14 – this date marks the end of winter and the return of a more suitable weather for the farmers … Continue reading Uttarayan at CIIE