Here is a good, clean way to make your billions

(This article was originally published in ‘The Economic Times’ on March 10, 2016. It is accessible here.) Entrepreneurship has now taken centrestage in India. But in trying to find the next big innovation, we are erring by largely aping Silicon Valley startups. A country with varied socio-economic conditions, diverse needs and culture, needs to find a … Continue reading Here is a good, clean way to make your billions

Vendors and Startups: Flipkart’s Experience

Vendors – the basics (for the uninitiated) A “vendor” or a “supplier” is any individual, organization or company that sells goods and services to another individual, organization or company, which in turn uses these good/services for the creation, sale and/or delivery of a product or service offered by the latter. Vendors form a critical part … Continue reading Vendors and Startups: Flipkart’s Experience

Jai(tley) Ho!

The entrepreneurs of India can feel happy not being a part of the Rs 100-crore club and let that be the insignificant dream-number for the film-industry. The 2014 Union Budget has recognized the value of the entrepreneurship sector to be way beyond that and made a budgetary allocation of Rs 10,000 crores towards startups (amidst a … Continue reading Jai(tley) Ho!